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Consulting and Training Services

PSS can assist a bank with various aspects of business during initial set-up routine operations. Key services include: Setup complete operations unit within a bank and train personnel on operational aspects. Train bank staff on provision of merchant and cardholder support Product design and implementation Merchant training and others    

Network Operation Center (NOC)

PSS NOC operates on a 24 X 4 basis and is responsible for: Constant monitoring of system operations Constant monitoring of VAP and MIP Constant monitoring of all ATM’s on the network Constant monitoring of all regional concentrators      

Issuing Services

The key services under issuing include the following: Setup and testing of parameters for issuing, Full Scoring for credit vetting, Full support for Bonus Point/Loyalty programs, Collection Processing, Card Personalization and delivery, PIN mailer printing and delivery, Statement printing and delivery, Fraud monitoring Host interfacing (depending on banking system used), Comprehensive Accounting, 24 X 7 […]

Acquiring Services

The key services under acquiring include the following: Setup and testing of parameters for acquiring, Testing offline and online for any acquiring associations, Supply, configuration, installation management and maintenance of POS terminals (PSTN, IP, Wi-Fi and GPRS), Merchant training on POS operation, Supply, configuration, installation, management and maintenance of ATM’s, 24 X 7 ATM monitoring […]