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Card Issuance

Our issuance platform enables issuing and supporting of debit, credit, prepaid and interest-free cards with greater flexibility to create different card programs and control the life cycle of issue cards. Our platform allows member banks to issue a different type of payment cards accustomed to their customer need and convenience.


Debit card solution

We have a fully integrated authorization processing, efficient fraud solution and Stand in-processing for increase service availability to customer convenience.

Prepaid Card solution

A full-featured product that is high quality and easy to use as traditional check account/debit card products. We issue reloadable and non-reloadable cards without the need to interface with the core banking system.

Credit Card Solution

We are pushing the card technology to the next step by incorporating cutting-edge payment solutions into our product line. Our credit card payment technology gives you the ability to transact online and cashless transactions in different merchant locations. Customer can use a credit card for e-shopping and making online bill payments. We provide an end to end credit card managing modules.

Interest-Free Card

A platform that has transaction flexibility and multi-purpose, it adheres to the Islamic principles which enable access to pay at merchant outlets, ATM withdrawal online transactions, Mail and telephone order transactions and others at customer’s convenience.