Trading of payment products

PSS has been expanding its business line in the trading of financial products in partnership with renewable international companies such as G+D and Castel Technology. Other partnerships are underway to deliver ecosystem trend product and services. As of June 30, 2023 PSS were able to deliver 1.4 million cards and 500 POS terminals to member and non-PSS member banks. Hence, we will offer a discounted price for direct purchase.

Our Point-of-sale terminals has the below features:

  • Customers are privileged to update the terminals remotely on its own without visiting the bank branch.
  • A secured key management (key loading), we provide a unique device that handle key loading securely.
  • Well tested application, the application is tested at PSS’s select system and proven its functionality.
  • Visa certified application, as the application is certified, there will not be any project testability, since it had been tested at PSS.
  • IF PSS will deliver the items at the banks preferred place through obeying the delivery date promptly.